Vriations in time perspectives influence knowledge management efforts

[German title: Unterschiedliche Zeitperspektiven beeinflussen Wissensmanagementbemühungen]

Antecedents, consequences, and moderators of time perspective heterogeneity for knowledge management in MNO teams
Cristina B. Gibson , Mary J. Waller, Mason A. Carpenter, Jeffrey M. Conte
Journal of Organizational Behavior, Volume 28, Issue 8, 2007, Pages 1005 – 1034

Abstract: Multinational organizations (MNOs), more so than other organizations, are likely to require individuals with different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds to form teams and collaboratively manage knowledge. We develop a framework that shows why variations in time perspectives among members of teams occur and how such differences can exert significant but unacknowledged influences on knowledge management efforts in MNOs, including: (1) innovativeness of knowledge created (2) speed of knowledge creation and (3) speed of knowledge transfer between teams. We also provide new insights into benefits of time perspective heterogeneity for teams managing knowledge. 

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