A four-phase ERP refinement model that incorporated knowledge management

[German title: Ein Vier-Phasenmodell der ERP-Verbesserung, das Wissensmanagement berücksichtigt]

Thomas C. McGinnis and Zhenyu Huang,
Rethinking ERP success: A new perspective from knowledge management and continuous improvement
Information & Management, Volume 44, Issue 7, October 2007, Pages 626-634

Abstract: Most IS research about ERP implementation stops short at system start-up and seldom addresses post-implementation issues. However, ERP implementation is a continuous improvement effort and continued efforts after system start-up will influence the ultimate success of an ERP implemented system. We defined a four-phase ERP refinement model that incorporated knowledge management (KM) into each major implementation phase. This knowledge-enhanced ERP implementation model adds insights when used to investigate ERP success. It also provides practitioners with a guideline for incorporation of KM into their ERP strategy to improve success rates of ERP systems.

Keywords: Knowledge management; ERP; Success; Continuous improvement; Research model

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