A system to support virtual communities

[German title: Ein System, das virtuelle Gemeinschaften unterstützt]

Stephen J.H. Yanga and Irene Y.L. Chen
A social network-based system for supporting interactive collaboration in knowledge sharing over peer-to-peer network
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Volume 66, Issue 1, January 2008, Pages 36-50

Abstract: Knowledge sharing enables people in virtual communities to access relevant knowledge (explicit or tacit) from broader scope of resources. The performance in such environments is fundamentally based on how effectively the explicit and tacit knowledge can be shared across people, and how efficiently the created knowledge can be organized and disseminated to enrich digital content. This study will address how to apply social network-based system to support interactive collaboration in knowledge sharing over peer-to-peer networks. Results of this study demonstrate that applying such social network-based collaboration support to knowledge sharing helps people find relevant content and knowledgeable collaborators who are willing to share their knowledge.

Keywords: Social network; Interactive collaboration; Knowledge sharing; Peer-to-peer; Instant messenger

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