Case study of an intranet-based knowledge management system

[German title: Fallstudie eines intranetbasierten Wissensmanagementsystems]

Ashley Braganza, Ray Hackney, Satrijo Tanudjojo
Organizational knowledge transfer through creation, mobilization and diffusion: a case analysis of InTouch within Schlumberger
Information Systems Journal, 19 (5), 2009: 499–522

Abstract: There is a paucity of theory for the effective management of knowledge transfer within large organizations. Practitioners continue to rely upon ‘experimental’ approaches to address the problem. This research attempts to reduce the gap between theory and application, thereby improving conceptual clarity for the transfer of knowledge. The paper, through an in-depth case analysis conducted within Schlumberger, studies the adoption of an intranet-based knowledge management (KM) system (called InTouch) to support, strategically align and transfer knowledge resources. The investigation was undertaken through the adoption of a robust empirically based qualitative research methodology incorporating the role of technology as an enabler of KM application. Consequently, the study addressed the important question of translating theoretical benefits of KM into practical reality. The research formulates a set of theoretical propositions that are seen as key to the development of an effective knowledge-based infrastructure. The findings identify 30 generic attributes that are essential to the creation, mobilization and diffusion of organizational knowledge. The research makes a significant contribution to identifying a theoretical and empirically based agenda for successful intranet-based KM, which will be of benefit to both the academic and practitioner communities. The paper also highlights and proposes important areas for further research.

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