International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, 3 (2/3), 2007 – interesting articles

[German title: International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, 3 (2-3), 2007 – interessante Artikel]

Societal transformations, globalisation and the knowledge society  pp. 139 – 153 
Nico Stehr 
Simple and playful interaction for informal communication and learning  pp. 191 – 208 
Kristina Groth, Cristian Bogdan, Sinna Lindqvist, et al. 
IWT: an innovative solution for AGS e-learning model  pp. 209 – 224 
Giovannina Albano, Matteo Gaeta, Pierluigi Ritrovato 
Knowledge society arguments revisited in the semantic technologies era  pp. 225 – 244 
Yannis Kalfoglou 
The praxeology approach as primer for the implementation of KM in secondary education  pp. 245 – 265 
Konidari Victoria and Abernot Yvan 
Modelling the creation of value from intellectual capital: a Portuguese banking perspective  pp. 266 – 280 
Maria do Rosario Cabrita, Jorge Landeiro De Vaz, Nick Bontis 
E-learning and machine perception: in pursuit of human-like interaction in computer-based teaching systems  pp. 281 – 298 
Marco Porta 
Managing intellectual capital: the MIC matrix  pp. 316 – 328 
Carla Curado and Nick Bontis 
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