International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, 4 (3), 2007

Knowledge management strategies: creating and testing a measurement scale  pp. 203 – 221 
 Luiz Antonio Joia 
Links between competence management and the knowing organisation  pp. 222 – 239 
 Rodrigo Baroni De Carvalho, Marta Araujo Tavares Ferreira, Chun Wei Choo, et al. 
Owner’s responsibility in developing human capital in the organisation  pp. 240 – 255 
 Kulliki Tafel and Ruth Alas 
How do investments in intellectual capital create profits?  pp. 256 – 275 
 Paula Kujansivu and Antti Lonnqvist 
Measuring organisational learning: proposal of a multidimensional scale  pp. 276 – 293 
 Susana Perez Lopez, Jose Manuel Montes Peon, Camilo Jose Vazquez Ordas 
Curiosity, mindfulness and learning style in the acquisition of knowledge by individuals/organisations  pp. 294 – 314 
 Nancy H. Leonard and Michael Harvey 
Tapping tacit knowledge on a digital platform  pp. 315 – 330 
 Ping Lan 

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