International Studies of Management and Organization, 37 (3), 2007 (Special: Knowledge, International Mobility, and Careers)

[German title: International Studies of Management and Organization, 37 (3), 2007 (Spezialausgabe: Wissen, internationale Mobilität und Karriere)]

Preface: Knowledge, International Mobility, and Careers  pp. 3 – 15 
Jaime Bonache, Chris Brewster, Vesa Suutari 

Predicting Stickiness Factors in the International Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriates  pp. 16 – 43 
Kimmo Riusala and Adam Smale 

The Protean Career: Exemplified by First World Foreign Residents in Western Europe?  pp. 44 – 64 
Marian Crowley-Henry 

Mutual Adjustment Processes in International Teams: Lessons for the Study of Expatriation  pp. 65 – 88 
Angelika Zimmermann and Paul Sparrow 

Can Expatriation Research Learn from Other Disciplines?: The Case of International Career Habitus  pp. 89 – 107 
Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Michael Meyer, Johannes Steyrer, et al. 

Knowledge Sharing Through Expatriate Relationships: A Social Capital Perspective  pp. 108 – 125 
Kristiina Mäkelä 

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