Knowledge and Process Management, 14 (4), 2007

How do core competencies discriminate? Identification of influencing similarities and differences p(237-247)
Urban Ljungquist

An autopoietic framework for organisational learning p(248-259)
Paul Parboteeah, Thomas W. Jackson

Design of service systems using a knowledge-based approach p(260-274)
Maya Kaner, Reuven Karni

Knowledge management audit in a higher educational institution: a case study p(275-286)
Roberto Biloslavo, Anita Trnavčevič

On the design of process-oriented knowledge management system for fourth generation R&D p(287-302)
Seonwoo Kim, Yongtae Park, Hyeonju Seol

An XML-based process repository and process query language for integrated process management p(303-316)
Injun Choi, Kwangmyeong Kim, Mookyung Jang

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