Plan carefully before launching a knowledge-sharing initiative!

[German title: Planen Sie sorgfältig, bevor Sie eine Initiative zur Wissensteilung einführen]

Does Knowledge Sharing Deliver on Its Promises?
Knowledge@Wharton, November 14, 2007

Abstract: For nearly two decades, consulting firms, technology companies, R&D-driven corporations and other knowledge-intensive organizations have made significant investments in “knowledge management” initiatives. These initiatives are intended to facilitate the capture and transfer of company expertise as a way to spur learning and innovation. But research by Wharton management professor Martine Haas and a colleague indicates that knowledge sharing efforts often fail to result in improved task outcomes inside organizations — and may even hurt project performance. Their research is presented in a paper titled, “Different Knowledge, Different Benefits: Toward a Productivity Perspective on Knowledge Sharing in Organizations.”

Read the full article and download the corresponding research paper online.

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