Cooperation networks to improve SME product development

[German title: Kooperationsnetzwerke zur Verbesserung der Produktentwicklung in KMUs]

Paulo Carlos Kaminski, Antonio Carlos de Oliveira and Tiago Marques Lopes
Knowledge transfer in product development processes: A case study in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of the metal-mechanic sector from São Paulo, Brazil
Technovation, Volume 28, Issues 1-2, January-February 2008, Pages 29-36

Abstract: This paper reports a research that evaluated the product development methodologies used in Brazilian small and medium-sized metal-mechanic enterprises (SMEs), in a specific region of São Paulo. The tool used for collecting the data was a questionnaire, which was developed and applied through interviews conducted by the researchers in 32 companies. The main focus of this paper can be condensed in the synthesis-question “Is only the company responsible for the development” which was analyzed thoroughly. The results obtained from this analysis were evaluated directly (through the respective percentages of answers) and statistically (through the search of an index which demonstrates if two questions are related). The results point to a degree of maturity in SMEs, which allows product development to be conducted in cooperation networks.

Keywords: Product methodology; Product development; Small and medium enterprises

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