Exploring Knowledge Management research in influential journals

[German title: Untersuchung der Wissensmanagement-Forschung in einflußreichen Journalen]

Zining Guoa  and James Sheffield
A paradigmatic and methodological examination of knowledge management research: 2000 to 2004
Decision Support Systems, Volume 44, Issue 3, February 2008, Pages 673-688

Abstract: Knowledge management (KM) research has been evolving for more than a decade, yet little is known about KM theoretical perspectives, research paradigms, and research methods. This paper explores KM research in influential journals for the period 2000–2004. A total of 160 KM articles in ten top-tier information systems and management journals are analyzed. Articles that may serve as useful exemplars of KM research from positivist, interpretivist, and critical pluralist paradigms are selected. We find that KM research in information systems journals differs from that in management journals, but neither makes a balanced use of positivist and non-positivist research approaches.

Keywords: Knowledge management research; Theoretical perspectives; Paradigms; Research methodology; Positivism; Interpretivism; Critical pluralism

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