Inside Knowledge Magazine, 11 (4), 2007


Changing times
Jerry Ash, Managing editor


Workshop: The user experience 
Stephen Musselwhite examines how the usability of the intranet can be adapted to create a positive user experience.

The DRM debate 
Digital rights management (DRM) software was hailed as the ideal solution to the growing issue of digital piracy when it was first developed, yet it has repeatedly failed to take off. Is it destined for failure?

Broadcasting innovation: organising to connect intelligence 
This approach reaches beyond the walls of internal networks and ‘crowd sources’ or ‘broadcasts’ research needs to external sources such as commercial, academic and not-for-profit institutions.

Chasing the vapour trail 
How Boeing is recapturing knowledge scattered to the four winds by individual computing, networking, decision-making and change.

Collaborative treatment 
Management icon Tom Davenport helps tell the story of how information technology and knowledge based organisation team to improve clinical decisions and reduce medical errors at Partners HealthCare


User insights on ECM selection and implementation 
Connecting suppliers and end users isn’t easy, but the results are worth the effort. This review of lessons learnt provides insights into how enterprise content management projects might succeed or fail.

Ramon Barquin – Debt to librarians 
Marian the librarian has come a long way from the fictitous River City, Iowa in the play Music Man. Librarians are key connectors between those who need to know and those who know.

The Knowledge – Alex and David Bennet 
Alex and David Bennet are the founders of Mountain Quest Institute, a learning centre dedicated to helping individuals achieve personal and professional growth and to create and sustain high performance for organisations in a rapidly changing, uncertain, and increasingly complex world.

Prediction: ‘Holistic user experience’ for 2008 
While you can throw new technology at old problems, it won’t always solve them.

Book review 
The Laws of Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life.
Reviewed by Lucy McNulty

The Gurteen perspective: Life is political 
YOU CAN’T avoid politics. Some time back there was a fascinating debate triggered by Nirmala Palaniappan on ActKM, one of the best KM discussion forums on the web.


Knowledge and enterprise information management
I’ve inherited a magazine focused on two professional disciplines, with two tables of contents and even two covers! Apparently I need to figure out which stories go on which side of the divide.


Sweden soars; Scandinavia remains strong; US tumbles
PIECES OF the original knowledge management programme built in the mid-1990s under Steve Denning’s leadership continue to operate, including the World Bank Institute’s Knowledge Assessment Methodology, which is used to track an aggregate index representing the overall preparedness of a country or region to participate in the knowledge economy.

Part I – State of KM: Growing but lacking agreement
BELIEF THAT interest in knowledge management (KM) is declining is belied by the results of Bain and Company’s worldwide surveys of large, medium, and small enterprises. The surveys report on the frequency of use of the top 25 KM tools by management.

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