International Journal of Knowledge Management, 4 (1), 2008

Organizational Culture for Knowledge Management Systems: A Study of Corporate Users   1-16
Authors: Ciganke, Andrew P.; Mao, En; Srite, Mark

Managing Knowledge in Organizational Memory Using Topics Maps  17-28
Authors: Miller, Les; Nilakanta, Sree; Song, Yunan; Zhu, Lei; Hua, Ming

Developing and Aligning a Knowledge Management Strategy: Towards a Taxonomy and a Framework  29-45
Authors: Ekionea, Jean-Pierre Booto; Swain, Deborah E.

Challenges in Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy: A Case Study of the Air Force Materiel Command  46-50
Authors: Bartczak, Summer E.; Turner, Jason M.; England, Ellen C.

Impacts from Using Knowledge: A Longitudinal Study from a Nuclear Power Plant  51-64
Authors: Jennex, Murray E.

Mix, Match, Rediscover: A Mashup Experiment of Knowledge Organization in an Enterprise Environment  65-76
Authors: Meza, Justin; Zhu, Qin

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