International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, 4 (4), 2007

What do we really mean by the dynamic dimension of intellectual capital?  p. 342
Aino Kianto
Intellectual capital and regions: origins, theoretical foundations and implications for decision-makers  p. 357
Antonio Lerro, Daniela Carlucci
Effects of intellectual capital investments on productivity and profitability  p. 377
Jaani Vaisanen, Paula Kujansivu, Antti Lonnqvist
Knowledge productivity enhancer – a method to give direction to knowledge management initiatives  p. 392
Christiaan D. Stam
Managing intellectual assets in SMEs: evaluating the scope for policy intervention  p. 412
Robert Huggins, Maria Weir
Proximity as a communication resource for competitiveness: a rationale for technology clusters  p. 430
Vito Albino, Nunzia Carbonara, Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli
Models for human capital management: human resource management of intellectual capital  p. 453
Kevin J. O’Sullivan, William D. Schulte Jr.

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