Knowledge Management for forest sustainability

[German title: Wissensmanagement für die Zukunftsfähigkeit des Waldes]

Reynolds, K. et al. (Eds.)
Sustainable Forestry: From Monitoring and Modelling to Knowledge Management and Policy Science. 
Oxfordshire u.a.: CABI, 2007. XXIV, 527 p.; ISBN 1-8459-3174-2 (hkb), ISBN 978-1-8459-3174-2 (hkb)

Abstract: In the context of forest sustainability, this book presents the issues related to both global climate change and conservation of biodiversity. It highlights four methodologies and shows how they contribute in overcoming the ecological challenges facing our world. The practical experience presented can be applied to the implementation of successful sustainable forestry policies.

Readership: Researchers in environmental science, ecology conservation, forest management and biometrics. It will also appeal to inventors, informatics, modellers and forest management professionals.

Editors: K Reynolds, USDA Forest Service, Oregan, USA; A Thomson, Canadian Forest Service, British Columbia, Canada; M Shannon, State University of New York, USA; M Kohl, University of Hamburg, Germany; D Ray, Forest Research, Roslin, UK; K Rennolls, University of Greenwich, UK

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