Successful team performance depends on a shared mental model of team members

[German title: Erfolgreiche Teamleistung ist von einem gemeinsam geteilten mentalen Modell der Teammitglieder abhängig]

Tristan E. Johnson;  Youngmin Lee;  Miyoung Lee;  Debra L. O’Connor;  Mohammed K. Khalil; Xiaoxia Huang
Measuring Sharedness of Team-Related Knowledge: Design and Validation of a Shared Mental Model Instrument
Human Resource Development International, Volume 10, Issue 4 December 2007 , pages 437 – 454

Abstract: Many researchers have explored how people share and construct similar mental models in teams. They have claimed that successful team performance depends on a shared mental model of team members about task, team, equipment and situation. Most of the literature has illustrated simplified relationships between a team’s mental model and their performance without a valid instrument addressing the confined and relevant constructs of a shared mental model. This paper describes the instrument development steps and the conceptual framework for factors associated with shared mental models. After development and refinement, the instrument was finalized for use to measure team-related knowledge. The final instrument consists of 42 items that are linked to the five emergent factors of shared mental models including general task and team knowledge, general task and communication skills, attitude toward teammates and task, team dynamics and interactions, and team resources and working environment. 

Keywords: Shared mental model; team knowledge; instrument design 

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