VINE: The journal of information and knowledge management systems, 37 (3), 2007

Michael Stankosky  
Intangible assets in plain business language  
Annie Green (pp. 238-248) 

Keywords: Intangible assets, Knowledge management systems 
ArticleType:Conceptual paper 
The memes of life: a speculative conversation  
Alex Bennet (pp. 249-254) 

Keywords: Learning, Learning organizations, Self development 
ArticleType:Research paper 
The KM phoenix  
Niall Sinclair (pp. 255-261) 

Keywords: Communication technologies, Innovation, Knowledge management, Organizational change, Social change 
Complex venture acquisition: going beyond the traditional systems engineering paradigm  
Linda J. Vandergriff (pp. 262-274) 

Keywords: Complexity, Knowledge, System engineering, Venture 
From online catalogs to library portals: empowering users  
Zahiruddin Khurshid, Syed Sajjad Ahmed (pp. 275-283) 

Keywords: Empowerment, Libraries, Library users, Online catalogues, Portals 
ArticleType:General review 
Gaining competitive advantage in a knowledge-based economy through the utilization of open source software  
Darius Hedgebeth (pp. 284-294) 

Keywords: Competitive advantage, Computer software, Intellectual property, Knowledge economy, Standards, User interfaces 
ArticleType:Technical paper 
The use of knowledge management in software acquisition  
Maliha Haddad, Vincent Ribière (pp. 295-313) 

Keywords: Computer software, Knowledge management, Process improvement 
ArticleType:Conceptual paper 
The process of knowledge retrieval: A case study of an American high-technology research, engineering and consulting company  
Stefania Mariano, Andrea Casey (pp. 314-330) 

Keywords: Business enterprise, Knowledge capture, Knowledge management, Knowledge sharing, Organizational culture 
ArticleType:Case study 
Assessment of the knowledge management systems in public administrations of Southern Italy  
Rinaldo Pietrantonio (pp. 331-347) 

Keywords: Business performance, Intellectual capital, Knowledge management systems 
ArticleType:Research paper 
A KM model for public administration: the case of Labour Ministry  
Abbas Monavvarian, Mitra Kasaei (pp. 348-367) 

Keywords: Iran, Knowledge management, Public administration 
ArticleType:Research paper 
An exploration of knowledge management practices in Colombia  
Tatiana Baquero, William Schulte (pp. 368-386) 

Keywords: Colombia, Knowledge management, Knowledge management systems 
ArticleType:Research paper 
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