[Conference] Call for Papers: e-Gov Knowledge Management, April 2008, Washington, DC

[German title: Konferenz] Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: e-Gov Knowledge Management, April 2008, Washington, DC (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

Knowledge Management 2008 – The 9th Annual Knowledge Management Conference & Exhibition, April 28-29, 2008, Washington, DC

Deadline for Abstract Submission is 5:00PM Eastern, Tuesday, February 5, 2008
The 2008 Knowledge Management Conference program will provide government professionals with an interactive, educational experience, coupled with what one 2007 conference attendee characterized as “unrivalled networking opportunities.” Conference sessions will highlight ongoing government programs that are employing knowledge management best practices, strategies and tools.  In its 9th year, the program will look ahead to what government professionals are doing to improve agency operations with KM and E-Learning–from the Department of Defense to a number of Civilian agencies large and small.  Subject matter experts will analyze KM successes (and failures), review new and existing tools that support KM programs, and focus on practical, actionable solutions. A conference hallmark has been the collaboration that takes place at this recognized event designed by and for public sector managers, in consultation with their industry and academic counterparts.


NOTE: Vendor abstracts focused on product-specific information or those including commercial or promotional content will not be considered.  All 1105 Government Information Group Events are a “sales-pitch free” learning environment.

Submitters are encouraged to send abstracts that focus on:

  • Public sector organizations and include officials from federal, state, or local governments as presenters – these submissions receive first priority
  • Specific government KM and EL programs, including goals, challenges, risks, and measurable results
  • Practical, transferable approaches for government organizations interested in integrating KM and EL into existing technology infrastructures, cultures, and operations
  • Technologies that support knowledge management with innovation, enhanced productivity, and improved information-sharing capabilities

Topics selected for the 2008 KM Conference program will be those that address current issues, strategies, and technologies most relevant to government attendees in 2008.  Prospective speakers are encouraged to submit abstracts that will help government attendees to advance their KM initiatives in key areas, including:

  • KM readiness and how to align with organizational processes
  • Evolution of Web 2.0 technologies and how they are and will continue to impact KM programs
  • Trends in collaboration technology — what’s new and practical for government organizations
  • Best practices for knowledge capture, retention and application in the changing Federal workforce
  • Communities of Practice–keys to sustainability, governance, and evolution
  • Social network analysis (SNA)–understanding its applications for your operating environment
  • How to integrate existing KM and E-Learning programs — based on actual experience
  • Developing locators for experts and expertise
  • How to implement enterprise portals that serve as gateways to organizational knowledge
  • Experience in building robust data warehousing and business intelligence architectures
  • Using KM to understand customer and constituent needs and improve service delivery
  • Sharing success through storytelling, narratives, digital video, and other innovative applications
  • Creating organizational cultures that reward knowledge sharing and management
  • How to stimulate continuous learning within public sector operations
  • Leadership and giving priority to KM–key components including culture, governance, performance, and innovative thinking
  • Search tools and federated search applications–what’s available now and what’s coming next
  • Deriving actionable information from structured and unstructured data
  • How government agencies are implementing KM technologies and strategies today for proven results
  • Practical experience with information-sharing given mandates for security, privacy, and data integrity
  • How using KM can support high-performance teams

For further Information go to the conference website.

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