Human oriented knowledge creation processes in projects

[German title: Humanorientierte Wissensgenerierungsprozesse in Projekten]

Emilio Bellinia and Paolo Canonicob 
Knowing communities in project driven organizations: Analysing the strategic impact of socially constructed HRM practices
International Journal of Project Management, Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2008, Pages 44-50

Abstract: In recent years, project driven organizations in knowledge intensive domains have been more and more discussed and analysed. Among the plurality of research perspectives adopted to interpret the organizational peculiarities of such a way of managing business operations, this paper will select the one that tries to explain the Project Management (PM) phenomenon by reading it through the lens of knowledge creation. In particular, the role of HRM practices will be linked with the functioning of PM teams, in order to understand to what extent it may condition knowledge creation processes.

Keywords: Managing strategy; Human resource management; Knowledge management; ICT industry

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