IKEA knowledge management – a built-in component of the company culture

[German title: Wissensmanagement bei IKEA – eine in die Unternehmenskultur eingebaute Komponente]

Informationsdienst Wissenschaft e.V. – Pressemitteilung, 24.01.2008
The secret behind IKEA lies in its employees
Ulrika Oredsson, Lund University, Informationsavdelningen / Communications Department; Schwedischer Forschungsrat – The Swedish Research Council

Abstract: Why do some companies succeed in getting established abroad while others don’t? Internationalization experts have long maintained that the key to success lies in knowledge about the new market. On Friday business analyst Anna Jonsson at Lund University will submit a dissertation with new findings: A good system for transmitting knowledge among various co-workers is just as important if not more important than knowledge about new markets.

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