International Journal of Applied Knowledge Management, Volume 1, 2007

Issue: 3

Connecting eLearning and Knowledge Management: The Cases of the Air Force and the Defense Acquisition University
Alexa Krezel, Edith Brumskill and Zane L. Berge
Road Map for Measuring Intellectual Capital
James A. Albers and Bobi Dimitrijevic
Emerging Knowledge Management Systems for Global Managers
Stafford S. Cuffe, Ph.D.

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Issue: 2
Knowledge Management Within a Learning Organization
Bruce W. Dobbins, Linda Smelser, Zane Berge
A Gestalt Evaluative Framework for Modelling Systemic Knowledge Management
Andrew L S Goh
Content Management System as an Effective Knowledge Management Enabler
Morvin Savio Martis
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Issue: 1
Corporate Intranets and Knowledge Management: A Quest for Efficiency or Taylorism Revisited?
Dr. Kristen Bell DeTienne
Learning Different Types of Knowledge: An Integrated Framework of Constructivist-based Curricula Design
Muthu Kumar
Integrating Knowledge Sharing Implementation: Toward An Institutionalised Symbiotic Model
Dr Andrew L S Goh, Ph.D.
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