International Journal of Information Technology and Management, 7 (2), 2008 (Special: Organisational Blogs)

[German title: International Journal of Information Technology and Management, 7 (2), 2008 (Sonderausgabe: Blogs in Unternehmen)]

International Journal of Information Technology and Management (IJITM), Volume 7 – Issue 2 – 2008 (Special Issue on Organisational Blogs)

120 – 133 Organisation and employee congruence: a framework for assessing the success of organisational blogs
Silvana Trimi, Holtjona Galanxhi-Janaqi

134 – 148 Corporate-level blogs of the Fortune 500 companies: an empirical investigation of content and design
Hong-Hee Lee, So Ra Park, Taewon Hwang

149 – 160 A cross cultural study of corporate blogs in the USA and Korea
Sunran Jeon, Seong No Yoon, Jongheon Kim

161 – 177 CEO blogs: credibility issues
Monica Evans, Milorad M. Novicevic, Jeanette S. Martin, Fred J. Dorn

178 – 189 Investigating the influence of employee blogging on IT workers’ organisational citizenship behaviour
Sung Tae Kim, Choong Kwon Lee, Taewon Hwang

190 – 200 Ethical aspects of web log data mining
David L. Olson

201 – 216 Current usage of organisational blogs in the public sector
Jaekyung Kim, Sang-Heui Lee, Min Suk Shin

217 – 230 Sharing knowledge with conversational technologies: web logs versus discussion boards
Arben Asllani, Lawrence P. Ettkin, Ashvini Somasundar

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