International Journal of Knowledge Management, 4 (2), 2008

Work Unit’s Knowledge Processing Style: An Empirical Examination of its Determinants 1-16
Authors: Song, Seokwoo

A Comparison and Scenario Analysis of Leading Data Mining Software 17-34
Authors: Wang, John; Hu, Xiaohua; Hollister, Kimberly; Zhu, Dan

Semantic Search of Unstructured Knowledge using Qualitative Analysis 35-45
Authors: Hazarika, Shyamanta M; Roy, Bibha

Virtual Communities of Practice: A Mechanism for Efficient Knowledge Retrieval in MNC’s 46-61
Authors: Gammelgaard, Jens; Ritter, Thomas

Knowledge Transfer: Revisiting Video 62-74
Authors: Herschel, Richard T.; Yermish, Ira

The Dimensions of Tacit & Explicit Knowledge: A Description and Measure 75-91
Authors: Chilton, Michael A.; Bloodgood, James M.

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