International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies, 2 (1), 2008

Service productivity gains through information and communication technology applications: a service marketing approach  pp. 4 – 22 
Christian Kowalkowski 
The digital divide in the internet usage within enlarged European Union: a multivariate comparative analysis  pp. 23 – 36 
Hanna Dudek and Monika Krawiec 
E-procurement of telecom services for the public sector  pp. 37 – 48 
Helena Lindskog 
Identifying and measuring the success factors of mobile business services  pp. 49 – 63 
Maiju Markova, Anne Aula, Antti Lonnqvist, et al. 
Towards an optimised design of private complex services  pp. 64 – 79 
Oliver Bohl, Shakib Manouchehri, Udo Winand 
How can an ICT tool strengthen network capabilities? Evidence from the role of knowledge codification in the KMP experience  pp. 80 – 92 
Pierre-Jean Barlatier 
Knowledge-based alliances as a driver of mobile telecommunications convergence: an historical and technical overview  pp. 93 – 105 
John Rice and Nigel Martin 
Managing supplier relations with balanced scorecard  pp. 106 – 120 
Staffan Brege, Per-Olof Brehmer, Jakob Rehme 
Users’ perception of mobile payment  pp. 121 – 142 
Steinar Kristoffersen, Anders Synstad, Kristian Sorli 
Determining website content for small businesses: assisting the planning of owner/managers  pp. 143 – 161 
Stephen Burgess 

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