International Journal of Technology Management, 41 (1/2), 2008 (Special: Flexibility, Learning and Innovation)

[German title: International Journal of Technology Management, 41 (1/2), 2008 (Sonderausgabe: Flexibilität, Lernen und Innovation)]

7 – 21 Synthesising the paradox of organisational routine flexibility and stability: a processual view
Vesa Peltokorpi

22 – 37 Technology management routines that matter to technology managers
Daniel Z. Levin, Helena Barnard

38 – 54 Transaction costs and organisational learning in strategic outsourcing relationships
Ernst Verwaal, Antonio J. Verdu, Arthur Recter

55 – 74 Relationship learning and dyadic knowledge creation in international subcontracting relationships: the supplier’s perspective
Kuo-Hsiung Chang, Donald F. Gotcher

75 – 95 Learning mechanisms in a technology based organisational change programme: an exploratory study between Chinese and Norwegian corporations
Xiaofeng Ma, Sebastiano Lombardo, Elizabeth Stokbak Sciaba

96 – 108 Managing knowledge for new product performance in the high technology industry
Mingjie Rui, Jie Yang, Joe Hutchinson, Jinjun Wang

109 – 137 Flexibility in innovation through external learning: exploring two models for enhanced industry–university collaboration
Sigvald Harryson, Sandra Kliknaite, Rafal Dudkowski

138 – 154 Organisational learning dynamics in the software publishing industry
Pedro Lopez Saez, Gregorio Martin De Castro, Jose Emilio Navas Lopez

155 – 168 Knowledge creation as a dynamic capability: implications for innovation management and organisational design
Eduardo Bueno, Jose Miguel Rodriguez Anton, M. Paz Salmador

169 – 182 Impact of manager’s social power on R&D employees’ knowledge-sharing behaviour
Li-Fen Liao

183 – 202 Resources, absorptive capacity, and technology sourcing
Hongwu Ouyang

203 – 222 Balancing flexibility and control: international technology and market development in Australian biotechnology firms
John Steen, Peter Liesch, Martin Matthews, Lyndal Thorburn

223 – 246 Entrepreneurial orientation, strategic flexibilities and indigenous firm innovation in transitional China
Yuan Li, Yi Liu, Yi Duan, Mingfang Li

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