Knowledge Management for Development Journal, 3 (2), 2007 – Special: Knowledge sharing and KM in Latin America & the Caribbean (Part I)

[German title: Knowledge Management for Development Journal, 3 (2), 2007 – Sonderausgabe: Wissensteilung und -management in Lateinamerika und der Karibik (Teil 1)]


Editorial: Knowledge sharing and knowledge management in Latin America and the Caribbean (Part I)  
Margarita Salas, Kemly Camacho, Simone Staiger-Rivas, Camilo Villa, Julie Ferguson, Sarah Cummings  2-4


Institutionalizing learning in rural poverty alleviation initiatives  
Irene Guijt, Julio Berdegué, German Escobar, Eduardo Ramírez  5-20

Resource centres set the tone for learning in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector  
Ewen Le Borgne, Carlos Talavera, Aleida Martinez, Gerardo Martinez, Gustavo Heredía, Erma Uytewaal  21-37

Knowledge management for agricultural innovation within the Bolivian Agricultural Technology System: insights from the analysis of rural knowledge networks  
Frank Hartwich, Mario Monge Pérez, Luis Ampuero Ramos, José Luis Soto  38-51

Building small-scale farmers learning networks: Pachamama Raymi as an innovative knowledge management system  
Javier Cabero, Willem van Immerzeel  52-63


Knowledge sharing for good in a Europe-Latin American perspective: the VIT@LIS experience  
Fabio Nascimbeni  64-73

Investing in knowledge for evidence-based social policies for children: two case-studies of knowledge dissemination initiatives in the Eastern Caribbean  
Koen Rossel-Cambier, Tom Olsen, Niloufar Pourzand  74-78

Knowledge management to connect and strengthen people’s capacities in Latin America  
Arthur van Leeuwen, Annemieke Beekmans, Reintje van Haeringen  85-94

Knowledge management: a key factor for productive chain evolution in the department of Cauca, Colombia. A case study of the fishing chain network  
Paola Andrea Victoria, Luz Stella Pemberthy, Natalia Maya  95-104

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