Management Learning, 39 (1), 2008 – interesting articles

[German title: Management Learning, 39 (1), 2008 – interessante Artikel]

Eric W. K. Tsang
Transferring Knowledge to Acquisition Joint Ventures: An Organizational Unlearning Perspective 5-20

  • Abstract: Unlike organizational learning, the concept of organizational unlearning has rarely been employed in empirical research. Based on a comparative case analysis, this article examines knowledge transfer, by foreign partners, to acquisition joint ventures in China. Because an acquisition joint venture is formed on the basis of an existing state enterprise, the need for organizational unlearning arises. The article investigates how issues related to organizational unlearning affect knowledge transfer in each stage of the transfer process, namely, initiation, implementation, ramp-up and integration.
  • Key Words: China • joint venture • knowledge transfer • organizational learning • organizational unlearning • stickiness
  • DOI: 10.1177/1350507607085169

Sandra Charreire Petit and Isabelle Huault
From Practice-based Knowledge to the Practice of Research: Revisiting Constructivist Research Works on Knowledge 73-91

  • Abstract: Research studies within organizational knowledge are good examples for both analyzing and illustrating the debate regarding a paradigm shift in management. Most articles in the field focus on knowledge complexity and its socially constructed side. Researchers have noted a great deal of similarity between this socially constructed nature and the shaping elements of constructivism. They argue for a paradigm shift, rejecting positivism. To more fully understand this paradigm shift, and to address the number of methodological questions it raises, we carried out a content analysis on a sample of the main articles dealing with organizational knowledge. Our research points out that the principles of constructivism are difficult to adhere to within research design. It underlines the lack of specific methodological devices and lack of adaptation with the epistemological system of reference. This study highlights the methodological perspectives that underpin constructivist research in organizational knowledge.
  • Key Words: constructivism • epistemology • knowledge • methodological tools • paradigm shift
  • DOI: 10.1177/1350507607085173

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