Proceedings of the International Productivity Conference 2007 (Theme: Knowledge Management)

[German title: Sammelband der International Productivity Conference 2007 (Thema: Wissensmanagement)]

Talisayon, S. D. (Ed.)
Knowledge Management: From Brain to Business. Proceedings of the International Productivity Conference 2007, Thailand, 18–19 January 2007,  jointly organized by the Asian Productivity Organization and the Foundation for Thailand Productivity Institute. 
Tokyo: Asian Productivity Organization, 2007. 109 p., ISBN: 92-833-7062-7 (e-book)

Abstract: The International Productivity Conference (IPC) is one of the prestigious public forums of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO,) held on special occasions to celebrate the APO’s attainment of crucial milestones. This year’s gathering is in recognition of the 45th anniversary of hard work to promote the national productivity movement of member countries and it is also the 12th anniversary of the Thailand Productivity Institute’s presence in promoting the productivity movement in Thailand. For each IPC, National Productivity Organizations and the APO Secretariat carefully select emerging productivity topics, for which discussion will strengthen the productivity movement in member countries. This conference has adopted the theme of “Knowledge Management – From Brain to Business” and through it we will showcase outstanding knowledge management applications by globally renowned enterprises from Asia, Europe and the United States.
IPC 2007 continues our tradition of identifying the latest developments among productivity tools and techniques within government, business and at the grassroots level. This year, the International Productivity Conference will showcase the newest techniques, the latest developments and bring the best and the brightest in the world of knowledge management together in one place.

Editor: Dr. Serafin D. Talisayon, Professor, University of the Philippines.
Dr. Talisayon teaches Knowledge Management, Innovative Processes and Information Technology and Organizational Change at the University of the Philippines. He wrote a book entitled 99 Paradigm Shifts for Survival in the Knowledge Economy: a Knowledge Management Reader.
He is a co-founder and Chairman of the Knowledge Management Association of the Philippines, and Vice-Chairman of the Society of Knowledge Management Practitioners of the Philippines.
In 1999, he co-founded a non-profit, non-government organization, CCLFI.Philippines, which has become a leading knowledge management service provider in the Philippines. Among ist clients are the UN Development Programme, Shell Malampaya MMT, PNOC Energy Development Corporation, United Laboratories, Asian Development Bank, AusAID PAHRDF, Baganuur JSC in Mongolia and the World Health Organization. CCLFI.Philippines offers online mentoring courses in knowledge management through its kMentor website.
Dr. Talisayon has been appointed Chief Expert by the Asian Productivity Organization, to lead its project on survey of knowledge management experiences and good practices in nine selected APO member-countries. He has served as knowledge management consultant for the World Bank, House of Representatives of the Republic of the Philippines, Asian Development Bank, CIDA, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office and the NPO of the Philippines, and the Development Academy of the Philippines.

Read the full proceedings online.

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