The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 7 (9), 2007

  • Organizational Learning Capability of SMEs: Examination of Antecedents and Outcomes pp.1-12
  • First Nations Participation in Resource Management Decision-Making: Best Practices pp.13-18
  • Role of Organisation Structure in Knowledge Creation pp.19-32
  • Towards a Theoretical Model of Cross-Cultural Knowledge Management pp.33-40
  • New Perspectives for Management Education: Developing the Undergraduate Curriculum pp.41-50
  • Military Leadership in Business Organizations: Asset or Liability? pp.51-60
  • Recommendations to Management: Views from Non-Governmental Employees pp.61-72
  • Knowledge Management on HR Scorecard and Organizational Performance: A Web-Based Analysis pp.73-78
  • Organisational Change and the Leadership for a Change Culture pp.79-90
  • Reconceptualizing Knowledge and the Role of Learning within Open Source Distance Learning Coursework: Framing of the Open Knowledge Economy through the Open Source Distance Learning Coursework by Customized Online Learning Environments, Open Knowledge Economy and Lifelong Learning pp.91-106 

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