Who is using Knowledge Management – results from Germany

[German title: Wer benutzt Wissensmanagement – Ergebnisse aus Deutschland]

Cantner, Uwe; Joel, Kristin; Schmidt, Tobias
The Use of Knowledge Management by Innovators – Empirical Evidence for Germany
Jena Economic Research Papers, Volume 2 (2008), ID 2008-002

Abstract: In this paper we investigate factors that influence a firm’s decision to implement knowledge management practices. Our focus is on knowledge management practices implemented to increase collaboration between actors within a firm on innovation activities. Using information on over 1,500 innovative German firms from the Mannheim Innovationpanel of 2003, we find that an innovation strategy targeted at consumers and continuous R&D activities is positively related to KM usage. In addition, more general firm characteristics like size and the industry of a firm do influence the decision to use knowledge management as well.

Key words: knowledge management, innovation, Mannheim Innovation Panel

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