[Workshop] Call for poster/participation: Future Directions in Multimedia Knowledge Management, 14. Feb. 2008, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

[German title: [Workshop] Aufruf für Poster-Beiträge/Beteiligung: Future Directions in Multimedia Knowledge Management, 14. Feb. 2008, Milton Keynes, Großbritannien]

Call for poster – Call for participation

MMKM Workshop on Future Directions in Multimedia Knowledge Management, 14 February 2008, Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Thurs 24 Jan 2008 Poster submission

The purpose of this workshop is to explore possible future directions of Multimedia Knowledge Management from the perspectives of different areas: Information Retrieval, Databases, Semantic Web, Industrial Applications, Human-Computer-Interaction and the Arts. Experts in these respective areas will give a short talk and discuss in a panel session with the audience at the future and synergies that these research area might hold.
The workshop will reflect on a rapidly changing world of digital multimedia: communities create huge resources (wikiversity and -pedia, Flickr photo sharing); video is available in virtually unlimited quantity (youtube); broadcasters brace themselves for video-on-demand rather than linear channels; personalisation is on the rise not only at online-shop portals and iTune playlists but also in specific drugs for your genes; folksonomies replace taxonomies; thresholds of making web-services a business vanish as storage space and cpu-time become scalable commodities (the amazon cloud, web 2.0); people discover the long tail, where all is made available and the difficulty is “just” to find it. Where is all this going?
This workshop is designed to bring together exponents from different, but related multimedia knowledge management areas, share knowledge, explore possible interactions, understand different perspectives, and take first steps towards developing future collaborations.

We invite poster submission with current research in these areas. Posters should be submitted to to Dawei Song by 24 Jan 2008. Registration is online and is free.

Important Dates

  • Thurs 24 Jan 2008 Poster submission
  • Thurs 31 Jan 2008 Poster acceptance notification
  • Thurs 07 Feb 2008 Close of registration
  • Thurs 14 Feb 2008 Workshop

For more information go to the website of the workshop.

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