Agile, adaptive processes and information systems

(German title: Schnelle, anpassungsfähige Prozesse und Informationssysteme)

Mitra, A.; Gupta, A.
Knowledge Reuse and Agile Processes: Catalysts for Innovation.
Information Science Reference, 2008. 424 p.; ISBN: 978-1-59904-921-2 (hkb)

Abstract: Innovation, agility, and coordination are paramount in the support of value in the global knowledge economy. Therefore, the long-term success of a company is increasingly dependent on its underlying resilience and agility.
Knowledge Reuse and Agile Processes: Catalysts for Innovation addresses flexibility of both business and information systems through component technology at the nexus of three seemingly unrelated disciplines: service-oriented architecture, knowledge management, and business process management. Providing practitioners and academians with timely, compelling research on agile, adaptive processes and information systems, this Premier Reference Source will enhance the collection of every reference library.


  • Amit Mitra, Data Management Forum, USA / TCS, Global Consulting Practice, USA: Amit Mitra is a senior practice manager in TCS North American Global Consulting Practice and a former senior vice president of process improvement and enterprise architecture at Galaxe Solutions, where he established the practice. He is also the president and principal consultant at Sprybiz LLC. He is an alumnus of KPMG and the former chief methodologist of the American International Group. He is a seasoned practitioner in transforming the business of IT, facilitating business agility and enabling the Service Oriented Enterprise.
  • Amar Gupta, University of Arizona, USA: Amar Gupta is the Tom Brown Endowed chair of management and technology, professor of entrepreneurship, MIS, management of organizations, computer science, and Latin American studies at the University of Arizona. Earlier, he was with the MIT Sloan School of Management (1979-2004); for half of this 25-year period, he served as the founding co-director of the Productivity from Information Technology (PROFIT) initiative. Subsequent to his move to Arizona in 2004, he continued to maintain ties with MIT as a visiting professor in college of engineering. He has published over 100 papers and serves as associate editor of ACM Transactions on Internet Technology. At the University of Arizona, Professor Gupta is the chief architect of new multidegree graduate programs that involve concurrent study of management, entrepreneurship, and one specific technical or scientific domain. He has nurtured the development of several key technologies that are in widespread use today and is currently focusing on the area of the 24-hour knowledge factory.

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