Ark Group report on Web 2.0

(German title: Bericht der Ark Group über Web 2.0)

Husband, J.; Bair, J.
Making Knowledge Work: The Arrival of Web 2.0.
Ark Group, 2007. 185 p., ISBN: 978-1-906355-09-8 (hkb)

Abstract: Web 2.0 hails the largest change in the core architecture of the organization as an entity in the last century – it is a foolhardy KMer who chooses not to embrace this change.
Featuring in-depth case studies, this report offers both positive and negative perspectives, and describes the capabilities, technologies and culture-shifts that enterprises must develop if they are to be successful in acquiring and exploiting knowledge management.
Making Knowledge Work – The Arrival of Web 2.0 is specifically designed help you identify the right systems for your organisation and which areas of development are especially important. It will guide you through:

  • The evolution of Web 2.0 to Enterprise 2.0 and social software
  • Existing KM technologies that work; including in-depth case studes reporting both positive and negative perspectives
  • Measuring the value of KM and achieving return on investment
  • The balance of technological tools and human systems with a breakdown of the existing KM technologies that work

To the google books website of the book.

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  2. 1st Edition…

    Simon Lelic (Ed.): Making knowledge work: how to maximise the value of portals, collaboration and information systems. London: Ark Group Ltd, 2004. 161 pages, ISBN: 095438976X, ISBN-13: 9780954389765 | Google books »

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