Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, 5 (4), 2007 (Special: European Conference on Knowledge Management 2007)

Knowledge Work Practices in Global Software Development 347
Gabriela Avram
Intellectual Capital and Organizational Performance: an Empirical Study of the Pharmaceutical Industry 357
Alka Bramhandkar, Scott Erickson and Ian Applebee

From Individual Learning to Organizational Learning 363
Delio Ignacio Castaneda and Manuel Fernández Rios
Tacit Knowledge Elicitation and Measurement in Research Organisations: a Methodological Approach 373
Alexeis Garcia-Perez and Amit Mitra
Competence Matters More than Knowledge 387
A G Hessami, and M Moore

Managing Structural Diversity: the Case of Boundary Spanning Networks 399
Eli Hustad
Folksonomies, Collaborative Filtering and e-Business: is Enterprise 2.0 One Step Forward and Two Steps Back? 411
Kevin Johnston
A Model of Antecedents of Knowledge Sharing 419
Radwan Alyan Kharabsheh
A Consistent Assessment of Intellectual Capital in SMEs. InCaS: Intellectual Capital Statement – Made in Europe 427
Kai Mertins and Markus Will

How to Ensure the Quality and Reliability of Intellectual Capital Statements? 437
Kai Mertins, Wen-Huan Wang and Markus Will

Knowledge and Life Cycle of an Organization 449
Zygmunt Mietlewski and Ryszard Walkowiak
Building a Taxonomy for Understanding Knowledge Management
Kun Nie, Tieju Ma, and Yoshiteru Nakamori

Knowledge Management: turning Intangible Assets into Feasibility in the Automotive Sector 467
Lourdes Sáiz, Ana Maria Lara and Roberto Alcalde
Knowledge Management for Virtual Reality Applications in a Home Rehabilitation Virtual Network 477
Emil Scarlat, Virginia Maracine, and Adriana Nica
MaKE First Steps – How a Definition of Knowledge can Help your Organisation 487
Peter Sharp
Knowledge Maps and Mathematical Modelling   497
Tomas Subrt and Helena Brozova
Exploration of Knowledge Sharing Challenges in Value Networks: a Case Study in the Finnish Grocery Industry   505
Hanna Timonen and Jari Ylitalo
Does Intellectual Capital Management ‘Make a Difference’? A Critical Case Study Application of Structuration Theory   515
John A. Tull and John C. Dumay
Integrating Individual and Organisational Learning Initiatives: Working Across Knowledge Management and Human Resource Management Functional Boundaries.   527
Christine van Winkelen and Jane McKenzie

Intangible Assets: Importance in the Knowledge-Based Economy and the Role in Value Creation of a Company   539
Dmitry Volkov and Tatiana Garanina
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