GTZ – Services for Rural Development Bulletin 16/2007 (Topic in Focus: Knowledge Management)

GTZ – Services for Rural Development Bulletin
Nr. 16 | December ’07

This AGRISERVICE Bulletin looks at the current practice of Knowledge Management in development institutions, in projects and programmes, in emerging farmers’ organisations, and at the knowledge flow between these bodies. Most articles were written as inputs for the international workshop on “Communicating Knowledge”, held in Assisi in June 2007 with GTZ, FAO, CTA, CGIAR and the University of Perugia, Italy. The following generic success factors were identified form the analysis of cases in the light of knowledge management theory:

  1. linking knowledge management to the strategy of the institution (serving targets),
  2. developing a culture of knowledge sharing (trust, reward, procedures),
  3. involvement and participation of stakeholders (ownership, user logic),
  4. capacity development (training, technology, organisational development),
  5. contextualisation of information (content, quality, retrieval, communication),
  6. monitoring and evaluation (use, impact).

We hope this bulletin provides insights that will be useful for your knowledge management tasks ahead.


01 | Editorial

Theory of KM
03 | Knowledge as a Factor of Production
06 | KM Concepts KM in Organizations
09 | Success factors for KM
12 | Knowlege Generation and Facilitation for Agricultural Innovation

KM in Projects
16 | Sustainet: KM within Networks
19 | KM in Multi-stakeholder fora

KM with Farmers
22 | Social Networks for KM
27 | KM in Smallholder Organisations

KM Tools
30 | Knowledge Profiling
35 | Debriefing in the GTZ KM Concept
37 | “From Web to Field to Web”:

39 | Literature and Links
40 | Forthcoming Events
44 | Disclaimer

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