HICSS 2008 proceedings: Knowledge Management Systems Track

[German title: HICSS 2008 Konferenzband: Teilkonferenz “Wissensmanagementsysteme”]

in: Proceedings of the 41st Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2008)


Knowledge Management Systems Track

  • Track Introduction

Knowledge Management Implementation and Other Issues

  • Minitrack Introduction
  • A Proposal for Examining Factors Leading to Knowledge Equity
  • Knowledge Management for Healthcare Organizations: Comparing Strategies with Technical Support
  • Managing Mathematical Texts with OWL and Their Graphical Representation
  • Relative Importance of Knowledge Portal Functionalities: A Contingent Approach on Knowledge Portal Design for R&D Teams
  • Knowledge Management in Renewing Software Development Processes
  • Gathering Experience Knowledge from Iterative Software Development Processes

Knowledge Flows: Knowledge Transfer, Sharing and Exchange in Organizations

  • Minitrack Introduction
  • Using Agent Based Simulation and Game Theory Analysis to Study Information
  • Sharing in Organizations—The InfoScape
  • Systems Theory and Knowledge Management Systems: The Case of Pratt-Whitney Rocketdyne
  • Formal Boundary Spanning and Informal Boundary Spanning in Cross-Border Knowledge Sharing: A Case Study
  • Individual Learning and Performance in Communities of Practice
  • Viewing Boundary “Objects” as Boundary Constructions
  • An Empirical Investigation of Knowledge Creation in Electronic Networks of Practice: Social Capital and Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB)
  • Work Design in Knowledge-Based Network Organizations: Facilitating Supply Chain Knowledge Flows via Network Entrepreneurship
  • An Exploratory Examination of Knowledge Sharing Behaviors: Voluntary vs. Solicited
  • Adaption-Innovation Theory and Cognitive Diversity: The Impact on Knowledge Use within Organizations
  • Knowledge Conversion in GSS-Aided Virtual Teams: An Empirical Study
  • The Value of Weak vs. Strong Ties between Individuals and Projects for New Product Review
  • ICT Perceptions and Meanings: Implications for Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Management for Creativity and Innovation

  • Minitrack Introduction
  • A Framework for the Co-design of Business and IT Systems
  • How IT Supports Knowledge Discovery and Learning Processes on the Web
  • N2 Heads Are Better than One: Collaborative Learning, Utilizing an Integrated Knowledge Repository, Facilitated through a Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming (MMOG) Paradigm
  • Supporting Strategic Innovativeness: Scenario Planning for Driving Organizational Knowledge Sharing
  • The Impact of Virtual Technologies on Organizational Knowledge Creation: An Empirical Study
  • Eliciting and Validating Knowledge in Knowledge Management Systems

Knowledge Management/Organizational Memory Success and Performance Measurements

  • Minitrack Introduction
  • How Knowledge Map and Personalization Affect Effectiveness of KMS in High-Tech Firms
  • KMS Quality—Impact on Competitive Advantage
  • Exploring the Relationships among Individual Knowledge Management Outcomes
  • Does Knowledge Management Pay Off?
  • Elaboration Likelihood in Knowledge Management: A Model and Experimental Test
    Towards Measuring Knowledge Management Success

Knowledge Modeling

  • A Value Network Model for Strategic Analysis

Supporting Distributed Cognition in Knowledge Management Systems

  • Minitrack Introduction
  • An Information Ecology Structured by a Nexus between Accreditation and Practice: Boundary Objects, Brokers and Translation across the Boundaries of Standards Compliance and Practice-Oriented Work
  • A Collaborative Dimensions Framework: Understanding the Mediating Role of Conceptual Visualizations in Collaborative Knowledge Work
  • A Conceptual Framework of Transactive Networks System
  • Social Network Behavior, Thought-Leaders and Knowledge Building in an Online Learning Community

Technological Aspects of KM

  • Minitrack Introduction
  • Designing Multifunctional Knowledge Management Systems
  • Knowledge Analysis with Tree Patterns

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