Inside Knowledge Magazine, 11 (5), 2008

Special edition | More than a ‘tsk tsk’
Jerry Ash, Editor


Managing HRO change: the 3Rs solution 
Frustrated by poor results from human resource outsourcing (HRO)? Giving up? Not so fast. Put HRO in perspective and try again.

Trust and communication must be interwoven to realise successful change 
Seldom do case studies surface where lessons learned are from failures. In this report, a client is granted anonymity to allow the author freedom to write openly about what went right and what went wrong in an enterprise-wide content-management implementation project.

A revolution in international development 
No one should be dying or suffering because knowledge that already exists in one part of the world has not reached other parts. It is up to each of us to take responsibility to ensure the knowledge flows easily to where it is needed.

Five keys to decisions vis-a-vis an ageing workforce 
In one way, the debate over forced retirement is a red herring based in part on an economic goal of full employment. The only thing mandatory in the new economy will be knowledge creation and retention. The main threat to performance will be the coming decline in critical capabilities often caused by the retirement of essential employees.

Key barrister explains issues in EU and Uk age discrimination battles 
Employers have the power to force retirement in Europe but the means vary. The European Union requires justification other than age while the UK allows blanket exclusion of anti-discrimination measures. Either way, ageing seniors are at the centre of an important human capital management controversy in Europe and throughout the world. This report sorts out the issues surrounding legal cases in Spain and the UK.

The Knowledge – Charles Savage and Elisabeth Sundrum 
Charles Savage’s knowledge quest takes him from boyhood in Maui to marriage and collaborative knowledge work with his wife in Munich. Together, he and Elisabeth Sundrum help organisations meet the challenges of enterprise in the global knowledge economy.


The last word – Dubious divorce 
From different origins, information management and knowledge management were divorced before they had a chance to get married. It’s not too late. They are a perfect match.

Management madness 
The two European court cases we have featured in this ‘Special edition’ are only a small part of global circumstances pitting older and younger workers against one another in a jobs arena where senior workers will soon outnumber juniors in the labour pool in many countries worldwide. Mismanaged, the situation could lead to another round of management madness

Book Review 
THROUGHOUT HISTORY, the ability to lead effectively has been heralded as the key to success in almost any discipline involving the management of others. Indeed, from past to present day the actions of those who possess the ability to direct and inspire others have been examined and discussed in the hope that those of us who lack this much-desired talent can determine, and perhaps emulate, the secrets of good leadership. E-commerce giant Amazon alone lists over 20,000 books dedicated to discussion of leadership.

The Gurteen perspective: Simplest KM tool 
WHEN I attend a conference, I look around the room to see how many people are making notes. Most people do not seem to take notes at all, while a few write on the hand-outs or on paper provided by the organisers. Some – often bloggers – use their laptops.

Thought leader 
CONTINUING, IF you cannot show others that your efforts resulted in better quality knowledge because there is no agreement between you and others on what you’re talking about when you use the term ‘knowledge’, then how will you trace the results of your efforts through the KM, learning, knowledge, integration, impact and results chain?

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