Journal of Technology Management in China, 3 (1), 2008 – interesting articles

(German title: Journal of Technology Management in China, 3 (1), 2008 – interessante Artikel)

Strategic challenges for creating knowledge-based innovation in China: Transforming triple helix university-government-industry relations  
Lucy Lu, Henry Etzkowitz (pp. 5-11) 

  • Abstract: … The paper outlines the context of innovation in China and describes the triple helix model of knowledge-based innovation. …
  • Keywords: China, Innovation, Knowledge management 
  • ArticleType:Viewpoint 

How technology-based university research drives innovation in Europe and China: Leveraging the power of proximity  
Sigvald Harryson, Sandra Kliknaite, Max von Zedtwitz (pp. 12-46) 

  • Abstract: … This paper draws on extensive theoretical research and literature reviews, and presents a framework based on theories on networking, knowledge creation and innovation. It then introduces three European cases to illustrate practical applications of the framework, and also links the findings to three Chinese cases to make comparative observations as well as recommendations related to Triple Helix concepts and their implications in the China context. It addresses the issue of how learning from universities can enhance company flexibility and performance in innovation, and outlines three different models of collaboration. …
  • Keywords: China, Innovation, Knowledge creation, Networking, Research, Universities 
  • ArticleType:Research paper

Mobilizing technology transfer from university to industry: The experience of Hong Kong universities  
Naubahar Sharif, Erik Baark (pp. 47-65) 

  • Abstract: Purpose – The present paper seeks to illuminate the role played by university-based technology transfer offices (TTOs) in driving the transfer of research-based knowledge and technology from institutions of higher education to industry in Hong Kong. …
  • Keywords: Hong Kong, Innovation, Knowledge transfer, Universities 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

Forms of knowledge and operation pattern of virtual GUI platform: An analysis of China Zhejiang Online Technology Market  
Jin Chen, Aifang Guo, Yan Mo (pp. 82-93) 

  • Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to analyse the operation pattern of the virtual university-industry-government (GUI) platform from the perspective of knowledge. …
  • Keywords: China, Knowledge management, Knowledge transfer, Universities 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

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