Knowledge Management for supply (chain) networks

(German title: Wissensmanagement für Liefer(ketten)netzwerke)

Alexander Smirnov , Nikolay Shilov , Alexey Kashevnik
Developing a knowledge management platform for automotive build-to-order production network
Human Systems Management, Volume 27, Number 1 / 2008, Pages 15 – 30

Abstract: Modern global companies have to build a supply chain network strategy that provides maximum flexibility and can optimally respond to changes in their environment. The emergence of automotive build-to-order production networks is one of the consequences of these changes in the automotive industry. Production networks can be seen as a step beyond the linear supply chain topography. However, when dealing with multiple organizations and multiple processes within a complicated production network, identifying and locating a member that has responsibility and/or competence in a particular part of the network can be a laborious, time-consuming process. Developing and maintaining a competence directory of all the relevant parties associated with troubleshooting and potential problem solving can significantly reduce the production lead time. Moreover, linking this directory to key decision points and frequent problems can further enhance its effectiveness. Consequently, the problem of semantic interoperability between members of such organizations is of major importance. This paper proposes an approach to developing a knowledge management platform for a build-to-order production network to solve the above problem. The approach is based on application of such technologies as ontology management, context management and profiling.

Keywords: Build-to-order production network, knowledge management, ontology, competence profile, context

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