KM News & Resources links for 2008-02-14

  • a social bookmarking service for K-12 learners and educators, allowing you to store your web links online and share them with others, all within an educational context.
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  • Der Forscherverbund „soll neue Einsichten in die Konstruktion von Wissenskulturen erbringen, indem er konkrete Praxen der Wissensproduktion, -distribution und -rezeption im Rahmen einer historisch vertiefenden Forschung im Bereich der Sozial-, Kultur- u
    (tags: Projects Communities)
  • The purpose of this site is to share ideas, experiences and know-how, and learn from each other about issues relating to knowledge management practices in higher education institutions in general, and Africa in particular.
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  • Michael Polanyi: Tacit Knowing: Its Bearing on Some Problems of Philosophy
    Reviews of Modern Physics (Volume 34, Issue 4) October 1962, pp. 601-616
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