Long Range Planning, 41 (1), 2008 (Special: Project Management in Knowledge-Based Environments)

[German title: Long Range Planning, 41 (1), 2008 (Spezial: Projektmanagement in wissensbasierten Umgebungen)]

Special Issue: Managing Through Projects in Knowledge-Based Environments
Edited by Joseph Lampel, Harry Scarbrough and Sebastian Macmillan

Managing through Projects in Knowledge-based Environments: Special Issue Introduction by the Guest Editors 7-16
Joseph Lampel, Harry Scarbrough and Sebastian Macmillan

Integrating Functional Knowledge and Embedding Learning in New Product Launches: How Project Forms Helped EMI Music 17-32
Andrea Ordanini, Gaia Rubera and Mario Sala

Interdependencies in Complex Project Ecologies: The Case of Biomedical Innovation 33-54
Sue Newell, Anna Goussevskaia, Jacky Swan, Mike Bresnen and Ademola Obembe

Why New Business Development Projects Fail: Coping with the Differences of Technological versus Market Knowledge 55-73
J. Henri Burgers, Frans A.J. Van Den Bosch and Henk W. Volberda

Visualizing Knowledge in Project-Based Work 74-92
Jennifer Whyte, Boris Ewenstein, Mike Hales and Joe Tidd

The Role of Framing in Complex Transitional Projects 93-106
Chris Ivory and Roger Vaughan

Learning from Sharks: Lessons on Managing Projects in the Independent Film Industry 107-115
Angus Finney
Global Contests in the Production of Business Knowledge: Regional Centres and Individual Business Schools 117-139
Vincent Mangematin and Charles Baden-Fuller
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