Omega, 36 (2), 2008 (Special Issue: Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning)

[German title: Omega, 36 (2), 2008 (Spezialausgabe: Wissensmanagement und organisationales Lernen)]

Special Issue on Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
Edited by W.R. King, T.R. Chung and M.H. Haney

Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning 167-172
William R. King, T. Rachel Chung and Mark H. Haney

Exploring the antecedents of potential absorptive capacity and its impact on innovation performance 173-187
Andrea Fosfuri and Josep A. Tribó

Internationalization and performance: The moderating effects of organizational learning 188-205
Chin-Chun Hsu and Arun Pereira

Trust in management and knowledge sharing: The mediating effects of fear and knowledge documentation 206-220
Birgit Renzl

The influence of organizational identification on organizational knowledge management (KM) 221-234
M.N. Ravishankar and Shan L. Pan

Effects of knowledge management strategy on organizational performance: A complementarity theory-based approach 235-251
Byounggu Choi, Simon K. Poon and Joseph G. Davis

Semantic network representation of computer-mediated discussions: Conceptual facilitation form and knowledge acquisition 252-266
Mohamed Khalifa and Vanessa Liu

Knowledge transfer and organizational learning in IS offshore sourcing 267-281
Ai Ling Chua and Shan L. Pan

A process model of establishing knowledge management: Insights from a longitudinal field study 282-297
Annemette Kjærgaard and Karlheinz Kautz

The effect of alliance experience and intellectual capital on the value creation of international strategic alliances 298-316
Shao-Chi Chang, Sheng-Syan Chen and Jung-Ho Lai

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