International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 7 (11), 2007

  • A Teacher’ s Voice on Workplace Change and Curriculum Influence Through Industry Placement pp.1-8
  • Dynamics of Organizational Change in Canadian Enterprises between 1998 and 2003 pp.9-22
  • The Paradox of Knowledge Management: Progress, Issues and Future Directions pp.23-34
  • A Comparative Study of Knowledge Management Initiatives in Indian Organizations: A Marketing Perspective pp.35-42
  • The Effective Use of Stories as Vehicles of Organizational Learning and Cultural Change: The Case Study of a Utility Company pp.43-48
  • Creating Knowledge Map for Research Centers: A Topic Map Based Approach pp.49-58
  • Technology Specialists and Information Interchange: Deadpan Delivery to Engaging Eloquence pp.59-64 
  • Knowledge Sharing in International NGOs pp.65-72
  • Curriculum Enhancement through Industry Partnership pp.73-82
  • The Role of Knowledge Management within Learning Organizations: A Comparative Study pp.83-94
  • Cultural Influence on Leadership Perception: A Case of Perceived and Preferred Leadership Styles in South Korean Organizations in India pp.95-104
  • Knowledge Management in Police Work pp.105-112 

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