The Learning Organization, 15 (1), 2008

Author(s):Steven Walczak   
Experiencing collaborative knowledge creation processes  
Maria Jakubik (pp. 5-25) 
Keywords: Action research, Communities, Knowledge creation 
ArticleType:Research paper 
HR structure and HR knowledge transfer between subsidiaries in China  
Cindy Wang-Cowham (pp. 26-44) 
Keywords: China, Human resource strategies, Knowledge transfer, Multinational companies, Subsidiaries 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Effects of career-related continuous learning: a case study  
Jens Rowold, Sabine Hochholdinger, Jan Schilling (pp. 45-57) 
Keywords: Call centres, Careers, Germany, Learning organizations, Workplace learning 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Learning organizations: diagnosis and measurement in a developing country context: The case of Lebanon  
Dima Jamali, Yusuf Sidani (pp. 58-74) 
Keywords: Developing countries, Learning organizations, Lebanon 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Learning, dynamic capabilities and operating routines: A consumer package goods company  
Peter E. Swift, Alvin Hwang (pp. 75-95) 
Keywords: Knowledge sharing, Learning organizations, Market orientation 
ArticleType:Case study 
Book Review
Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery 
Author(s):Jim Grieves

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