A knowledge-based model of coordination

[Deutscher Titel: Ein wissensbasierten Modell der Koordination ]

Julia Kotlarsky, Paul C. van Fenema and Leslie P. Willcocks
Developing a knowledge-based perspective on coordination: The case of global software projects
Information & Management, Volume 45, Issue 2, March 2008, Pages 96-108

Abstract: We have attempted to bring together two areas which are challenging for both IS research and practice: forms of coordination and management of knowledge in the context of global, virtual software development projects. We developed a more comprehensive, knowledge-based model of how coordination can be achieved, and illustrated the heuristic and explanatory power of the model when applied to global software projects experiencing different degrees of success. We first reviewed the literature on coordination and determined what is known about coordination of knowledge in global software projects. From this we developed a new, distinctive knowledge-based model of coordination, which was then employed to analyze two case studies of global software projects, at SAP and Baan, to illustrate the utility of the model.

Keywords: Knowledge management; Knowledge flows; Coordination; Coordination mechanisms; Global software projects; Software development

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