An event-triggered knowledge sharing system

[Deutscher Titel: Ein ereignisauslösendes System zur Wissensteilung]

Seema Degwekar, Stanley Y.W. Su    
Knowledge sharing in a collaborative business environment
International Journal of Electronic Business 2008 – Vol. 6, No.1  pp. 67 – 92

Abstract: In recent years, business organisations have perceived a growing need to collaborate with one another to solve common problems and to stay competitive. An important form of collaboration is sharing of human/organisational knowledge. In this work, we use different types of business rules and structures of these rules to capture multi-faceted business policies, strategies, regulations, constraints, processes and operating procedures. The occurrence of any event of interest to these organisations can initiate the processing of multiple rules and rule structures. We present a rule specification language and an event-triggered knowledge sharing system for the specification and processing of distributed events, triggers, heterogeneous business rules and rule structures in an enhanced web service infrastructure.

Keywords: business knowledge; knowledge representation; knowledge sharing; rule language; web services; event processing; rule processing; decision support; electronic business; e-business; collaborative business; business rules.

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