How Silicon Valley companies implement knowledge management systems

[Deutscher Titel: Wie Unternehmen aus dem Silicon Valley Wissensmanagementsysteme einführen]

Benbya, H.
Knowledge Management Systems Implementations: Lessons from the Silicon Valley.
Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 2008. c200 p.; ISBN (10 digit paperback) 1843342669, ISBN (10 digit hardback) 1843342677, ISBN (13 digit paperback) 9781843342663, ISBN (13 digit hardback) 9781843342670

Abstract: This book brings together the results of several years of analysis of knowledge management systems (KMS) implementations and the experience of leading organizations in the Silicon Valley, to provide a practical guide on key strategic, technical and economic aspects of knowledge management systems implementations. It provides a comprehensive and methodological approach to support managers in their implementations of KMS. It is intended to equip current and future managers with some of the knowledge and practical skills to help them navigate their organizations towards knowledge management. Managers must be actively engaged in the emergent process of KMS implementation in a way that does not simply offer exhortations or ensure that the infrastructure is working. This book also goes beyond the implementation process and suggests how to deal with KMS along the maturity process and how to assess and measure the results achieved from KMS. These issues are illustrated in a series of case studies from leading organizations in the Silicon Valley, including Hewlett Packard, IBM, Cisco, Protiviti and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati
Readership: Written for managers dealing with KMS implementations, this book is also an excellent support for business and students or in programs with modules on KM and KM technologies
Key features

  • Integrates techniques for effectively implementing KMS. The techniques used in this book have been employed in a wide variety of KMS implementations around the world, in different industries, and with organizations of different sizes
  • Provides a step by step guide to the main difficulties facing managers with KMS implementations
  • Enables managers to improve their KMS implementations and identify key future issues
  • Illustrates the issues with case studies from leading organizations in the Silicon Valley

Author: Hind Benbya is Associate Professor of Information Systems in GSCM-Montpellier Business School and Visiting Scholar at the UCLA Anderson Business School

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