Inside Knowledge Magazine, 11 (6), 2008

Avoiding security paranoia
Jerry Ash, Editor


Security utopia? 
As the dust settles over last year’s HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) security breach, DNV IT Global Services consultant David Cole argues that companies are never going to be safe from information security threats – but better planning and education could make the difference.

Masterclass part II: prediction markets 
Knowledge sharing and collaboration tools are driving interest in prediction markets. Historically organisations have difficulty getting the ‘truth’ out of employees regarding critical business questions like ‘how soon will this product be ready to go?’.

Open innovation models and the role of knowledge brokers 
The movement from internal R&D to external connect and develop opens the door to companies – large and small – to reach beyong their core competencies to remain competitive in an increasingly complex, uncertain and changing environment. This report explains the phenomenon, the process and provides examples and case report.

The knowledge solution 
Beset by a fading business model, dwindling funds, rising donor expectations, an explosion of competition including rivals on the internet, United Way of Ameruca turns to a knowledge management pioneer to help move from its traditional role of fundraiser to results oriented community impact leadership, targeting root causes that drive the need for charity.


The last word: secure your data – but share it around 
Most implementations of content security and document management are lacking in the ability to balance harsh control versus open collaboration. Security is an important part of content management, but enablement for collaboration and business process is an equally valuable requirement.

Workshop: maximising SOA investment 
This workshop addresses foundation business imperatives underlyong service orientation, refines the discussion of SOA by enumerating seperate perspectives within a ‘SOA Triad’, and recommends actions to begin a successful SOA adoption journey.

Opinion: make KM fun 
Some knowledge leaders shun the idea of ‘selling KM’. Not the chief architect of India’s award-winning KM programme MindTree consulting. He tells us to lighten up when speading the message; keep it fresh.

The Knowledge: Tom Davenport 
Best remembered for his role in the development of business process reengineering and many of the other ‘big ideas’ of the past two decades, Tom Davenport is an icon in business thought leadership around the world whose credibility in the business community bridges the gap between knowledge management and business executives.

Planes, trains and snowmobiles 
Web-based technology has come so far and yet not nearly far enough.

Book review 
Knowledge Mobilization in the Social Sciences and Humanities: Moving From Research to Action

The Gurteen Perspective: KM (2.0) goes social 
WITH THE advent of social tools, KM is poised to undergo a transformation. I’d like to take a brief look at what is going on.
In the early days, KM was primarily about capturing all the messy unstructured information in an organisation, making it searchable and easily accessible to employees. It’s still what most companies mean when they talk about KM – so much so, that many IT managers think this is all there is to KM.

Thought leader 
Talent is to knowledge like an actor to a script. The script (knowledge) defines what needs to be delivered; the actor (talent) determines how the script is interpreted and produced. Actors bring scripts to life just as talent turns knowledge into productivity.

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