International Journal of Information Management, 28 (2), 2008 – interesting articles

[Deutscher Titel: International Journal of Information Management, 28 (2), 2008 – interessante Artikel]

Customer Knowledge Management and E-commerce: The role of customer perceived risk 102-113
Carolina Lopez-Nicolas and Francisco José Molina-Castillo

  • Abstract: The present research is designed to gain a deeper understanding of Customer Knowledge Management (CKM) tools inside the e-commerce context. The relationship between the CKM literature and the e-commerce literature is evaluated through several user characteristics such as risk preference, Internet preference and Internet knowledge and their impact on customers’ online perceived risk and purchase intentions depending on the presence of certain CKM tools on the web site. The empirical study is based on a survey of 276 customers with previous online experience. By using multidimensional analysis, this study shows that the customers’ perceived risk associated with different CKM tools plays an important role in explaining certain customer online behaviour. Therefore, the implications of CKM tools for e-commerce activity are demonstrated and the managerial implications are highlighted.
  • Keywords: CKM tools; E-commerce; Perceived risk; Purchase intention; Customer perceptions
  • doi:10.1016/j.ijinfomgt.2007.09.001  

Managers’ perception of information management and the role of information and knowledge managers: The Malaysian perspectives 114-127
Nor Shahriza Abdul Karim and Ramlah Hussein

  • Abstract: This paper reports a study conducted to investigate the progression of information and knowledge management (KM) within the business organizations in Malaysia from the managers’ point of view. Among the objectives set are to identify the information requirements of managers, to identify the need for effective information management (IM) and information managers, and to identify the role and skill requirements of information and knowledge managers in the organizations. Using survey questionnaires and interviews, the findings provided rich and meaningful information about information requirements of managers and their overall perception of information and KM. The findings also revealed the important roles of information and knowledge managers and their desired competencies as perceived by the managers. Positive perception towards the establishment of a one-stop resource center or library was also reported. Overall, the findings may assist in the initial stage of effective IM and KM strategy by organizations, and in the development of curriculum for the IM program and the related management fields.
  • Keywords: Information management; Information behavior; Information needs of managers; The roles of information managers; Information and knowledge management; Effective information management
  • doi:10.1016/j.ijinfomgt.2007.08.003 

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