Journal of Knowledge Management, 12 (1), 2008

The linkage between knowledge accumulation capability and organizational innovation  
Su-Chao Chang, Ming-Shing Lee (pp. 3-20) 

  • Keywords: Knowledge management, Organizational culture, Organizational innovation, Taiwan 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

Organizational characteristics as prescriptive factors of knowledge management initiatives  
Rémy Magnier-Watanabe, Dai Senoo (pp. 21-36) 

  • Keywords: Japan, Knowledge management, Organizations, Strategic alignment 
  • ArticleType:Research paper  

Knowledge transfer in alliances: determinant factors  
Hamid Mazloomi Khamseh, Dominique R. Jolly (pp. 37-50) 

  • Keywords: Knowledge transfer, Strategic alliances 
  • ArticleType:Literature review  

Knowledge processes: from managing people to managing processes  
Alon Hasgall, Snunith Shoham (pp. 51-62) 

  • Keywords: Adaptive system theory, Knowledge management, Management styles 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

The knowledge system of a firm: social capital for explicit, tacit and potential knowledge  
Anssi Smedlund (pp. 63-77) 

  • Keywords: Knowledge management, Social capital 
  • ArticleType:Conceptual paper 

Knowledge transfer in developed-developing country interfirm collaborations: a conceptual framework  
Bedman Narteh (pp. 78-91) 

  • Keywords: Developing countries, Knowledge transfer 
  • ArticleType:Conceptual paper  

Knowledge transformation among virtually-cooperating group members  
Tony Feghali, Jamal El-Den (pp. 92-105) 

  • Keywords: Ideas generation, Knowledge management, Tacit knowledge 
  • ArticleType:Conceptual paper  

Improved organizational performance through communities of practice  
Andrew Schenkel, Robin Teigland (pp. 106-118) 

  • Keywords: Communication, Communities, Construction industry, Organizational performance, Workplace training 
  • ArticleType:Research paper

Knowledge management systems success: a contingency perspective  
Mohamed Khalifa, Angela Yan Yu, Kathy Ning Shen (pp. 119-132) 

  • Keywords: Knowledge management systems, Organizational performance 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

The use of tacit knowledge within innovative companies: knowledge management in innovative enterprises  
Ragna Seidler-de Alwis, Evi Hartmann (pp. 133-147) 

  • Keywords: Knowledge management, Tacit knowledge 
  • ArticleType:General review 

The effect of tacit knowledge on firm performance  
Harold Harlow (pp. 148-163) 

  • Keywords: Balanced scorecard, Innovation, Knowledge management, Knowledge management systems, Tacit knowledge 
  • ArticleType:Research paper

Tacit knowledge utilization in Thai construction projects  
Wasan Teerajetgul, Chotchai Chareonngam (pp. 164-174) 

  • Keywords: Construction industry, Managers, Tacit knowledge, Thailand 
  • ArticleType:Research paper 

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